Big Chill

bigchill_altBig Chill is a Boulder, Colorado based company who had a very cool idea back in 2001

It all started with a plan to make the refrigerator more stylish. The story goes that Vernon (owner) was dreaming up a vintage beach house. He and his wife wanted retro design with modern functionality. “With our kid’s artwork and school photos always proudly displayed, we didn’t want the refrigerator to look out of place,” Vernon said. “The ubiquitous stainless steel appliances weren’t the right fit and we wanted to steer clear of the dreaded ‘white box’.”

Born out of this idea was a modern refrigerator, with retro styling. Now Big Chill makes all kinds of retro appliances.

We’re quite proud of this site. From the customize page to the product pages and on to the custom galleries, it is a really cool site for a really cool company.