Secret About me

This is the part of the site where I am supposed to brag about myself - I prefer to let my work do that, but in the meantime, here are some things that won't be immediately apparent through my work.

I am a husband to an amazing photographer. I am a father to two pretty talented ball players. I am a hunter, a gatherer & a cook. Wetting a line tends to erase all of your problems – if only for a little bit. Good beer and a campfire beat a fancy restaurant EVERY time. Music should be live. Sunday dinners with friends are a great way to end a weekend. The best ideas originate on bike rides. You don’t have any problems if you’re sitting in a ballpark. I can’t decide which is more enjoyable, mountains or beaches. Flipflops in the summer, boots and jeans when it’s cold. A baseball leaving a wood bat is one of the greatest sounds.

You should work with people who inspire & challenge you.