Enbala is building a sustainable energy future. A distributed energy future -- A future that can leverage any asset, anywhere, and at any time to keep the grid in a permanent state of reliable balance.

Category: Web Development, Web Strategy, Web Design   Client: Enbala   Date: Winter 2017

Enbala provides industry-leading Virtual Power Plant (VPP) software, the number one choice in Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) and advanced planning and analysis. They came to us with the challenge of creating a web-site as cutting edge and engaging as the products they provide.

This project had a very tight timeline with the need to launch in tandem with a large industry trade show. A firm plan and good strategy led to an amazing finished product that was very well received in the industry. We incorporated subtle movement into the site to represent the evolving nature of distributed energy networks.

Check out the site at www.enbala.com.

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